Courtney 2030 Fast Track Testimonial

“Stop putting it off and making excuses! The time is NOW! I made the decision 7-1/2 months ago by starting 2030 and I have never felt better physically or mentally in my life! I decided that something needed to change if I wanted to grow old and live a healthier life to be around longer for my kids and family. I was miserable and slowly killing myself by the types and amount of food I was putting in my body. I had zero energy and struggled to get thru the day most of the time. Throughout my life my weight and body image affected relationships and friendships bc I was so unhappy with myself. I hated going places bc I never fit any of my clothes and I was always in a crappy mood bc of it all. One of the best decisions I have ever made was starting this program. I know most of you are reading this are thinking that it’s just one of those fad diets that will come and go, but I promise you it will teach you things that you will use the rest if your life. It will teach you that you can eat just about anything you want, if you learn how to balance it out with meal prepping, exercise, and getting back on track right away if you fall off plan. If you would have told me that I would be in the gym most days and actually enjoy it I would have laughed in your face. I remember telling Trenda after month 1 of 2030 that I would never have time for the gym or that she would never catch me in a group fitness class πŸ˜‚ She definitely made me eat those words! Now even on my “rest” days I try to make excuses to get there so I can get my fix so I can reach new goals. Seeing the 3-D body scans are truly eye opening and rewarding as hell once you see the changes. Down almost 60 lbs and still going. If you are on the fence and want to make the change, reach out to the team at The Workout Company today! You will not be disappointed!”

-Courtney Blanchard

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