Feeling stressed out and ready for a change?

Are you tired of feeling bad, tired all the time, have no energy, your joints hurt, head hurts, feel bloated all the time!? Feeling stressed out and ready for a change? To really create change, you’ve got to address the ‘whole person’. Just changing what you eat is NEVER going to lead to lasting weight loss. The 20/30 Fast Track program does just that, focusing on each core area of your lifestyle to build healthier habits, and lifelong results. Let us help you!

Next group starts January 18th! Stop putting feeling better off! Message or call our instructors to get started!

Kelli – 985-860-9361

Trenda – 985-860-3925

You can also visit TriParishWellness.com or call 532-6000 to learn more about how this program could help you!

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